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Alice was raised in a household of artists. Both parents were graduates of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her mother, June Decker, was a painter and her father, Ferdinand Rebechini,  a sculptor. The house had a large studio where her father and grandfather, who was also a sculptor, worked daily. Her mother painted in the same studio.  From a young age Alice's daily recreation was drawing. During vacation trips to the American West, she was introduced to watercolor and gouache work guided by her mother.  Alice went on to study watercolor, instructed by Peter Bodnar, while an architecture student at the University of Illinois,  and gained a lifelong interest in this challenging medium. In recent years, Alice participated in studios with John Herron, Sarah Kaiser, Nacy Behles and Mike Kolasinski and pursued expanded techniques, expressions, and subjects. Currently, she enjoys painting fully abstract works,  as well as continuing with traditional landscapes.  Throughout her studies and career Alice has enjoyed life drawing in various mediums, including charcoal and pastels. 

Exhibitions & Awards
Works & Awards
Northshore Art League, Water Show 2024
Morning Meadow, Ft. Sheridan Beach
CAVA Later Impressions Show 2024
Daniel Wright Woods
North Shore Art League, Inspired By Show 2024
Stream through the Winter Fields
The Art Center Highland Park, In View 2024
North Shore Art League, Abstraction Show 2024
A Prayer in the Night
North Shore Art League, The Water Show 2023
Wetland With Irises, Daniel Wright Woods
Stola Gallery SCAPES Show 2023
Swallows at the Golden Hour
Evanston +Vicinity Biennial Show 2023
Morning Has Broken, Juried show, Sold work
Illinois Watercolor Society National Show 2023
Peyrat After the Rain, Juried Selection
Camelback Gallery Abstracts with Blue Exhibition 2023
To Or From, Bronze Award
Northshore Art League Members Show 2023
Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists Members Show 2023
Jazz Jam
The Art Center Highland Park Members Show 2023
To Or From
Evanston Art Center Studio Show 2023
Morning Has Broken, The Sun Machine Is Coming Down
Grey Cube Gallery, Abstract Art Contest 2023
Sunset/Twilight Award Winner
Evanston Art Center, Studio Show 2023
CAVA Members Show 2023
Jazz Jam
Northshore Art league Members Show 2023
Lillies, Roses Envisioned
CAVA Later Impression Show 2023
Heat Island
Geneva Lakes Arts Foundation Fall Show 2023
New Hampshite Stream, Grassey Crest
Illinois Watercolor Society Members Show 2023
Madison Market
Grey Cube Floral Art Show 2022
Irises, Honorable Mention
Artists Space, Abstract Art Exhibition 2022
Bloom, Selected Winner
Camelback Gallery Open Theme 2022
Morrie at the Deerhead Inn, Bronze Award
Camelback Gallery, Shades of Purple 2022
Peyrat After the Rain, Bronze Award
Illinois Watercolor Society Members Show 2021
New Hampshire
Evanston Art Center, We Love the Challenge Watercolor Studio Show 2021
Destruction, Birds of A, Plasma
Illinois Watercolor Society Members Show 2021
Wetland With Irises



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